Saturday, January 16, 2010

January Sixteen

EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW (wait how do you spell ew..oooh or oooo or ewww or oooeeeh)
EEEEEEWWWWWWW todays study was AWESOME!!!! It was full of manipulation and conning and planning and scheming and suspense. Just Awesome.

Josephs brothers go to Egypt
I can imagine what is going on in Josephs head when he saw his brothers bowed before him. No I really can't. Would he want to kill them hug them. Both probably he was human. At first I was thinking how did the brothers not recognize him, come on??? Then I thought that in the brothers heads they would not even think that their brother would be in a place like this. Also I am sure he doesn't look the same either. He has been in hard times in prison and some time has gone by. So it would make sense that they would not recognize him. Anyhoo, Joseph's head must have been spinning what should I do what should I do.
One question is why did he put the money back in the bags I thought at first to give them a reason to wonder why and then say hey didn't he look a little like Joseph and wow it is our brother. Then I realized there was a bigger plan. Joseph you are sooo smart. They can be called theives since the payment is still with them.
The brothers return to Egypt
Wouldn't the brother still in prison be angry that the other brothers waited until they were out of grain to go get him? I bet the brothers were soo scared when Jacob told him to go back. Imagine the fear you have felt on a short drive with anticipation. Then put it in a long walking/riding journey. Ugh!
A feast at Josephs Palace
This is awesome. The suspense is killing me. With Joseph having them in his house they must be going nuts. Why are we here why are we feasting with them what is he going to do with us. Then Joseph leaving the room overwhelmed with emotion. He has waited so long to see his brothers again from when they left then he had to be so patient waiting and now his plan is taking place. It had to be hard and fun and painful and joyful at the same time. The brothers had to be so confused thinking what is going on.
Josephs Silver Cup
Again AWESOME. Could you imagine their faces when the palace manager stopped the brothers on the way back "now what". And the look on their faces when the silver cup was in of all the sacks, Benjamins. They have to go back and again no explanation on how the money and cup could have gotten there. LOL.
Judah speaks for his brothers
When Judah is telling the sad story about his father would die with out Benjamin I almost feel sorry for him but thn my evil flesh says "so look what Joseph went through" GOD~ PLEASE GIVE ME FORGIVENESS FOR OTHERS AS JOSEHP HAS~ AMEN

Joseph Reveals his identity
I wish I could have seen their faces. They all had to be dieing. After all this time. First confusion then disbelief then realization. They had to be like what~noway~wow that is you. Maybe even "dude that wasn't cool to put us through all of this, well wait I guess we deserved it, hey man give me a hug...." okay maybe not like that totaly but it is how my mind works.
I also picture Jacob as an old man jumping up and down in happiness with a cane in his hand when he finds out. One big happy family finaly.


Domestic Goddess said...

The thing I love about Joseph is how he PLANS AHEAD! It's something I'm still working on implementing into our family life. Joseph is a great example of a "forward thinker". Pharaoh had dreams that famine was coming. What did Joseph recommend? Save now so we can have more than enough later. What a wonderful financial message this is for Americans and their finances, especially today!

Joseph's brothers show up asking for grain. What did Joseph do? Set them up so they can have a forced family reunion and get all the old guilt off their chests. Smart dude. Sneaky, but smart.

But what's the real point of Joseph's story? Even though he was horribly wrong by his family, sold into foreign slavery where multitudes of deities were worshiped, and false imprisonment, he STAYED FAITHFUL to God! There were so many chances for him to throw up his hands and say, "That's it, God! I'm done being faithful!" Yet he didn't. He believed in God's grace and deliverance, and God blessed him richly in return.

Therefore, I'm going to keep striving to be a forward thinker, but I'm going to strive even harder to be faithful in everything.

Mills Memories said...

AMEN! So very true! God can use any circumstances, even unfair ones, to bring glory to Him! If the brothers hadn't sold Joseph, he wouldn't have been in Egypt, and his family wouldn't have survived the famine. God always sees the plan for years down the road, but we tend to think in just days and weeks. I am still working on learning to trust God in the details. He knows them all so who am I to try to control the situation! He promises us in Jeremiah 29:11 He has plans for us to give us hope and a future!!!