Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January Sixth

What a great morning. Woke up at 5 felt pretty good not 100% yet but better. Coffee was still hot and my bible and recliner was waiting for my quiet time. What a .....interesting read today. ~Sodom and Gomorah ~Lots daughters and Abraham and Sarah. I do not understand Gods ways. I know though, that is for the best. Here are the "huh" 's I had for this morning:

Genesis 19:8 When the angels/visitors came into the city and into Lots house, the towns people wanted Lot to let them out of the house to have sex with them. He then offered his 2 virgin daughters instead. Why? Did he know they were angels? Did women have no worth?

Genesis 19:30-38 When Lots daughters got him drunk and slept with him??????
This to me is just horrible. Isn't this the kind of thing that God was angry for and destroyed Sodom and Gomorah for? Then it states the sons got nations. I would think they would have been punished????

Genesis 20:1-18 Abraham and Abimelech......Didn't I just read this story but with a pharoah??? And Sarah and Abraham are brother and sister just different moms. It takes me back to the women not having worth?

Thanks for reading this. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
I so am enjoying this.


Mills Memories said...

Here is a link to Chuck Smith's commentary on Genesis 19. He talks about Lot's behavior (and yes, women were held in VERY low esteem!).

That commentary also has great info on Lot & his daughters.

Yes, apparently once again Abraham let fear get in his way and lied. Once again, God intervenes and protects Sarah. But how many times do we have to RE-learn a lesson God has taught us?!?

Mommy Melback said...

Thank you my friend. I love your point on RE-learn lessons. I think I have put the people of the bible on a pedestal. You reminded me that they were ONLY human too.

mintchip1227 said...

It is interesting that we have to constantly re-learn lessons from God, but someday we won't need to re-learn. God has promised us that this world will pass away. He has promised us so much: The tree of life, a crown, a new name, new heaven, new earth, a white robe, we will be rulers of nations, we will sit on the throne with Jesus Christ. How awsome is that!!!! Yes more of Revelations, hahahaha. Looks like you are studying Genesis and we are in Revelations. I love it! Will be fun to see what you post on your blog. Will help me remember what in the beginning too...

Tyson Mommy said...

This is an AWESOME idea!!!