Monday, January 18, 2010

January Eighteen

Love Love Love this weather. It is cold and rainy. I wish it was like this all the time. I lit the candle's and know I am not leaving today.

Jacobs death draw near
Does anyone know where the swearing by placing the hand under someones thigh and when it evolved to the pinky.( I am really really sorry)

Jacob blesses Manasseh and Ephraim
I am the second child and was treated like the second child growing up. (But boy has dad made up for that. We have a great relationship now) so how does that First Born thing work. I would think actions not birth number would be important. Jacob didn't honor it did he?

Jacob blesses his sons
My gooses:
-Reuben slept with his dads wife
-Simeon and Levy were murderers and would hurt animals
-Judah was strong and good
-Zebulun goes by the sea
-Issachar is sturdy as a donkey. A hard laborer
-Dan ...I am not sure I understand the "snake" theory
-Gad the fighter
-Asher the chef
-Naphtali will raise kids
-Joseph gets it all
WOW I was thinking at first this is strange for the deathbed coz why would someone just go over this information. But I assume they did not have trusts and wills back then.

Jacobs death and burial
I love watching tomb documentarys on natgeo channels. I thought that Jews had to be burried within 24 hours?? My grandfathers funeral seemed different than the Christian ones that I have been to. I would love to get more info from my grandma.

Joseph Reassures his brothers
I love how his brothers are still waiting for Joseph to get even with them.

The death of Joseph
Again just questions on burial rituals