Sunday, January 10, 2010

January Tenth

I am home from Big Bear. What an amazing trip. Jared,Riley,Saige and I had a great time. I love being away from home long enough to miss it. My dogs missed me tons. They were good. PTL. Betty is easy but has separation anxiety a little. Zoe is very jealous and takes it out on the puppy. Penny being a puppy, and my tried and true idea of if you give them enough Nyla bones and chew toys they won't eat your furniture takes her chew toys outside then comes back in, did n't eat any permanant object in the house. Yay.
My quiet time was just how I would imagine it in my head over the weekend. Cold, fireplace and Peace and quiet with the sun creaping up. So tomorow I will have to find something to give appreciation to at my house.

Essau marries Ishmaels daughter
Is Ishmaels daughter a canaanite?. I don't understand why he went out to marry his daughter. Was it to spite Abraham because of Jacob's brother receiving the blessing?

Jacob's Dream at Bethel
I am beginning to like Jacob. I am not sure why I hold grudges but I have still been upset about him and his mom deceiving Abraham.
Note:In Genesis 28:22 it is already speaking of tithes and not $5 in the offering plate but One Tenth of what we earn. God talks about this sooo much and it is plain and simple. One tenth of what you make. He even says this is the only thing you can test him on to be faithful in. I am so amazed how taboo it is for churches to even mention this. God requires one tenth of our earnings that He provided us in the first place. I get so mad at myself when I still find it hard to just automaticly give it back to him.
Jacob arrives at Paddam-Aram
It mentions how noone can move the stone until all the flocks are there. When Rachel arrived, was that all the flocks? Genesis 29:11 Am I right in assuming it was a friendly kiss not a passionate kiss an that he wept aloud out of happiness to finally arrive at his destination???
Jacob Marries Leah and Rachel
Well what goes around comes arount, eh?? I still do not uderstand ancient customs. The family marrying family? Surely there was enough people to not have to marry your relatives. I remember what Allison said about the .... people...(sorry can't remember the verbage) being cleaner, no worry about birth defects etc. It just seem weird that two living sisters marry a fist cousin.
Jacobs many Children
Oh My Gooses!!! I don't know where to start this is like Melrose Place meets Days of our lives meets Big Love all rolled into one. I thought that in the garden of Eden God created 1 man and 1 woman = 2 become 1 when they marry. I am so confused about when marriage became 1 man and 1 woman. Mixed families started this long ago?
Well I am looking foward to tomorow when I can be on my normal schedule.
Chow all
P.S. if you have a blog please invite me to read it. Thanks