Sunday, January 3, 2010

January third

So I have a really jealous dog named Zoe. She is really Riley's dog but she thinks she is mine. She has been staying in Riley's bed for the past 2 mornings but this morning she decided to be with Penny and me on the recliner. A little crowded but okay.
Todays read was mostly on Noah. The ark, the flood, the rainbow and his decendants. I love rereading the legendary story of Noah's Ark. It is soooo commercialized so reading from the bible is great, detailed. Here are my questions on todays reading:

~My first I have answered by myself based on my hypothesis (did anyone picture Dinosaur Train just now??? sorry) is how he would get ALL the animals on the ark. I am guessing that there were not as many animals as there is now. Animals have changed and created more animal types since 4000+ years. Also Noah lived for over 600 years. I look at the things that I have seen and done in just 37 years.

~In Genesis 9:24 Why was Canaan cursed by Noah. Why wouldn't Noah be upset with himself for getting drunk instead of being angry with another???

Things I wonder.....

~Genesis 9:3 Doesn't this make it okay to eat meat. Vegetarians need to go have a good steak.Yum!!!
~Genesis 9:4 What does it mean "lifeblood". You can't eat meat with lifeblood still in it.
~Genesis 9:6 Does this make the death penalty okay?

Please let me know your knowledge or questions!!


Mills Memories said...

God has not added to the number of animals on earth since the flood. No where in the Bible does it talk about God creating MORE animals after the flood. But the following article brings up some good points that can help explain how Noah was able to take ALL those animals with him. The more logical to me would be that he took baby animals. A baby elephant is a whole lot smaller than an adult!

It is totally OK to eat meat! Lifeblood is the blood of the animal, which is not to be eaten. So technically a rare steak, where the "blood" is running out, should not be eaten or ate least the blood part isn't to be eaten. (Lev. 7:26-27, Lev. 17)

It was never in God's plan to have murder. When sin entered the world so did evil. That means there needs to be consequences for sin. The 10 commandments say that "Thou shalt not murder". In the OT law, God give the law for consequences of murder Number 35: 16 - 18. There are many other references to murder but I don't have time to look them all up!

Thanks for your blog! It is making me dig in and do some research (which I love, this is why I love Bible study!!!).

Mommy Melback said...

Thank you sooo much Allison. My favorites is going to be stocked with these awesome sites.
You really are a blessing!!!