Friday, January 8, 2010

January Seventh

Hello there~
Today's Read was nice. Not really questions as much as comments.
Hagar and zishmael Sent away
Really~I can see this in me so much, the evil human I am. Hey Hagar, I can't have kids go sleep with my husband coz I can't have kids.....flash forward. Now that I have my own kid. Send that Hagar and HER son away!! Okay not literally but isn't such a human nature to use people. I try not too but when I ponder things in my life I do think sefishly.
A Treaty with Abimelech
I like how in Genesis 21:23 Abimelech says "Swear to me in God's name that you will never deceicve me,my children or any of my descendants..."
I wouldn't trust him!!
Abraham's Obedience Tested
I can go on and on THANK YOU JESUS FOR MY SALVATION!!!!!!! I do not think I would have had Abraham's Obedience to put up either of my girls for a burnt sacrafice. I do not know if i were to forgive my dad for putting me up on that alter.
The Burial of Sarah
I am really am naive. I did not know how little I know of the bible. I thought all the descendants of Abraham were Sarah's as well (except Hagar).
Thank you God for this study please keep me focused and loyal
Isaac Marries Rebekah
I love this story and can read it over and over again. I am sure I romance it. But still I love it.