Saturday, January 23, 2010

January Twenty Three

Saturday morning. Slept in this morning til 7. Had to take a Xanax last night for my restless legg syndrome (yuk). I was really grumpy too. I feel groggy this morning and the sun is out. I really hope the rain comes again. I think I am the only one.

Ellphaz's second response to Job
In Job 15:12b-13 What has weekened your vision,that you turn against God? I didn't think he was turning against God I thought he was expressing his grief and hurt

Jobs fifth speech: A response to Ellphaz

Job continues to defend his innocence

Billdads second response to Job


Mills Memories said...

Job never turned from God, his friends just didn't see what was truly going on. When you have TRUE friends and you go through a trial, they can at least sympathize with you in the midst of your trial.