Friday, January 15, 2010

January Fifteen

I had the most amazing experience last night. I was in a prayer chat room. My mommy group has been the most wonderful blessing in my life. I joined it last year since I was new in town and wanted to meet other mommies who also were Christian mommies. WOW!! I had no idea what I was in for. These women are amazing. They are all so different yet all have the same love for Christ. I am convinced it is the reason for our hard times in the past years and why we landed in this town. I suggest to everyone. If you are not in some type of Christian Group get in one. I found mine on ,where they have every kind of group in the world, but churches and communities all have them. It really is great to have a fellowship of friends. ANYHOO... Our prayers were for our husbands. To lift them up and guide us to be what God wants us to be.General prayers and individual needs as well. I was nervous of course, would I have to speak..err write...etc. It was very smooth and God leads your heart. Just amazing.
Todays study was on:
Joseph Interpets Two Dreams
What do dreams mean? They were mentioned so many times in the bible. There is even a psychic show on tv about them. Why do some people dream all the time and some not at all?
The death of Isaac
Joseph made Ruler of Egypt

It is amazing how powerful the Pharaoh must be to place people in jail and pull them our and kill or put in complete charge. It is amazing to how God uses Joseph. How everything had to fall in line for him to reach this position. Gives me peace when i go through tough times.