Friday, January 22, 2010

January Twenty Two

Ahhh woke up to drip drip drop again. I know this is not going to last so I am just embracing this lil storm that God has given my desert town. Everything is flooded streets, planters but I just love love love this weather.

Jobs fourth speech: A response to Zophar
Wow the opening vs Job 12:1-2 Then Job spoke again: You people really know everthing, don't you? And when you die ,wisdom will die with you!
I am so glad God shows us these "stages" of grief he is going through. The hurt,anger,disapointment now just plain mean to his friends trying to help. I certainly have been there.

Job wants to agrgue his case with God
Before I even start to read I have been their to. "God Why...."
Job 13:16 But this is what will save me-I am not godless. If I were, I could not stand before him. this vs really touched me.

Job asks gow he has sinned
Job is going over how everything on earth has second chances like dead trees will sprout new etc. What do people at this time think happens when they die. Are they aware of heaven. Also what happens when you die back then since Jesus was not born yet?????/


Mills Memories said...

Before Jesus died on the Cross, people went to what is referred to as Abraham's bosom. 1 Peter 3:18 - 21 speaks of when Jesus died and went to preach to those in "prison". There are 2 sections of this holding tank: Abraham's bosom and "prison". Abraham's bosom is for those who followed God and those in prison would be the ones that didn't follow God.