Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January Thirteen

Getting the worm.....
So I am in bed with 1 kiddlette (which yes I did say I would never let my kids sleep with me ever!!! But wait.... some how she has learned that mommy is too tired to argue in the wee hours of about 3'ish.)
and like clock work when the door shuts behind Jared leaving for work. 2 more dogs in the bed. I am wide awake. Is it God saying get out of bed or me groaning and tossing and turning with no room (Jared I told you we should've gotten a king) any way. I took it at the latter thinking He must have some good stuff in my quiet time...
(pause the blog.... youngest kiddlette just mossied in the living room rubbing her eyes brb...okay note to self put her in her bed not mine....oops must go back and retake parenting 101)
...where was I oh yeah must have an amazing quiet time in store. Well hmmmm here goes my notes:
Descendants of Esau

Original Peoples of Edom

Rulers of Edom

Descendants of Israel

Yes. This is what my study was on today :( I am changing my thoughts. It must of been the crowded bed that got me up this morning. Sorry for nothing to question today or ponder or give an opinion on but I hope you enjoy my lil humor. Have a great day! I am off to to get some more devotions.