Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January Twenty

I was woke up by my 5 year old at 7am. Hubby said I didn't budge when he kissed me good bye for work. I must have needed some sleep. UH OH! I would be telling Riley and Saige they must be having a growth spurt...I don't want a growth spurt ;P
So this is Quiet Time Afternoon edition.

Ellipha's Response Continues
I love this. This is what a friend needs to be. Hold you accountable and lift you up to God. I love what Job 5:27b says Listen to my counsel and apply it to yourself.
I think it is sooo important to seek godly counsel on anything you are unsure of. You pray and if the answer is not right there then seek godly counsel because you are not seeing clearly what God wants for you.

Job's second Speech: A response to Ellipha
I appreciate Jobs honesty. We should be able to tell friends exactly we feel. Instead of "I'm fine and I'll be alright". Get everything off our chest and vent.

Job cries out to God
I think it is awesome, again with Jobs honesty. He is outpooring his heart and pain to God. Not hiding his feelings. I feel God wants us to come to him with EVERYTHING. Our love our praise and our hurt and pain.