Monday, January 4, 2010

January fourth

It is late and I am tired. I was faithful with the study this morning but am late for this sorry!! I have been under the weather today fighting pink eye (virus not bacterial-yay) and a sore throat.. Enought wining.
Todays study was fun I enjoy The Tower of Babel. and learned of Abram. I really should know about him but don't. My girls are listening to a few stories on dvd of him right now.
My questions today are:
~In Genesis 11:1 it states that "at one time all the people of the world spoke the same language and used teh same words" That is what I loved about the story of course. Here is where my question is yesterday's study in Genesis 6:20 it says "these were the descendants of Ham,identified by clan,language, territory, and national identity. Does this contradict each other or was the descendants of Ham after the tower of Babel????
~Genesis 12:17 Now this is really human of me but... Why did God punish the Pharoah instead of Abram or Sarai??? They were the ones deceiving
the pharoah?
I am hoping to feel better in the morning!!
Good night


Mills Memories said...

The word language in the original Hebrew in Genesis 6:20 is a different word than the language used in Genesis 11. In Genesis 6 we see where all the different people and races come from - Noah's sons. It wasn't until the Tower of Babel however when people were scattered all over the earth. The Bible is giving us the lineage of the peoples that came from Noah's sons early (since they were already being talked about).

Abram was eventually punished for his lie when Sarai give Hagar (her maid servant she got in Egypt, to him in order to produce offspring). Sarai was not punished for she didn't so anything wrong! I see her as an shining example of godly submission to her husband. She KNEW he was wrong, yet she submitted, putting herself in harms way and let God correct Abram. So often my flesh wants to tell my husband when I knew he is wrong, yet here we see Sarai being blessed (protected) for her obedience to her husband. God protected her from harm as a result of her husband's sin.