Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January Twelve

Good Morning~
What a wonderful day. It is chilly and Tuesday. No school or rush this morning. WAIT--> I just noticed I have no idea where my girls are. My house is under 1500 sq ft. You would think I could see them at all times in this place.....okay one going potty and the other one getting a summer dress on. "SAIGE!! did you pull that down from your closet"?? "No I just howed it and walked away and it fowowed me". I think 3 is my favorite age right now.

Jacob sends gifts to Esau
Genesis 32:9-12 I love Jacob talking to God, he praises Him,humbles himself then kind of reminds God of what he was promised.

Jacob wrestles with God
Genesis 32:24 Am I correct to think that God came to earth as the person who wrestles with Jacob? And if so in vs 25 it says "the man say that he would not win.." If the man is God then He could have won,correct, He is God. I am assuming that I am going to be told that God lost on purpose. That being said, why did it say The mans saw he was going to lose which appears to be a surprise to him,right?????

Jacob and Esau make peace

Revenge against Shechem
Rape is horrible not matter who it happens to,but wow are we lucky to be here in these times and in this country where there is so many victim avocates and resources to help. I have seen documentary's about other countrys where woman can be killed for being raped in todays times. I couldn't imagine what Dinah went through back then. She was probably not so much the victim but the actual rape was a disgrace to the family.
Genesis 24:14 Okay so don't you think we should have this for punishment today. Circumcising the men. If they are circumcised already they can just be ...eh...more so. (Sorry :) ) Not so much destroying there town and taking everything including the woman and children though.

Jacob returns to Bethel

The Death of Rachel
In Genesis 35:18 It says "The baby's father called him Benjamin" is that just this translation? Wasn't the father Jacob? Why didn't they say "Jacob named him Benjamin" They normally refer to the person by name. This seemed odd to me?

~Have a wonderful day~


Mills Memories said...

Yes, Jacob wrestled with God, Jesus in human form on earth before his birth in Bethlehem.
"A Man wrestled with him until the breaking of day: Jacob didn’t wrestle with the Man. Instead, a Man wrestled with him. Jacob didn’t start out wanting anything from God. God wanted something from him. God wanted all of Jacob’s proud self-reliance and fleshly scheming and came to take it, by force if necessary.

A Man wrestled with him: As the following verses show, this was no mere man. This is another “special appearance” of Jesus in the Old Testament before His incarnation in Bethlehem. This was God in human form.

He saw that He did not prevail against him: As the fight progressed, it seemed Jacob was pretty evenly matched againt the Man. But the match was only even in appearance. The Man could have won easily at any time, using supernatural power.

i. Sometimes we feel man really can contend with God. A man or woman in rebellion against God might seem to do pretty well. The “match” is even in appearance only. God can turn the tide at any moment, and is allows the “match” to go own for His own purposes.
ii. It isn’t hard to imagine Jacob working so hard and feeling he is getting the best of his “opponent,” until finally the Man turns the tide in an instant. Jacob must have felt very defeated."

Yes, Jacob was the father of Benjamin. It is just the translation. No biggie!

Mommy Melback said...

Thank you sooo much. I am so blessed that you are in my HEART group. You are so knowledgable, I appreciate it.