Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Thirty One

Good morning!
I KNOW! Last day of January 2010. We were blessed this month!!
What a great day at Idyllwild yesterday. Lots of snow and we got a great spot to picnic and sled. Boy my girls were cold out of the truck they jumped right in the snow to make snow angels. Next on my list BUY SNOW GEAR FOR GIRLS. Today heading to The Aquarium of the Pacific. Fun Fun!! (note to self pack pull ups and jammies for the drive home.)

The Lord Challenges Job Again
Job 40:6 Then the Lord answered Job from the whirlwind...I missed this question yesterday; Is God literaly in a whirlwind? Like a mini tornado?
Job 40:15-24 Take a look at the Behemoth, which I made,just as I made you.... Is this one of the dinosaurs (ooh my sister just told me about Chuck Misslers site for scientific questions )
The Lord's challenge contines
In Job 41:1-34 He is speaking of a Leviathan. The * says "it is disputed ,ranging from an earthly creature to a mythical sea monster in ancient literature" (also for the Behemoth) This confuses me. God is quoted in the bible saying His creatures that He made. Why does the side note say mythical??? In Job 41:18-19 When it sneezes, it flashes light! Its eyes are like the red of dawn. Lightning leaps from its mouth;flames of fire flash out. Dragon???? He is describing, right? Aren't they just fantasy? And if so what is literal and what is not????? Help.
Job responds to the Lord
Job 42:6 I take back everything I said,and I sit in ashes to show my repentance. God forgives doesn't he!!
Conclusion: The Lord Blesses Job
Job 42:7 After the Lord had finished speaking to Job, He said to Eliphaz the Temanite: "I am angry with you and your two friends, for you have not spoken accurately about me,as my servant Job has.... this helps me understand some of the previous day questions.
The Lord returns two-fold all of his fortunes. It is mentioned in Job 42:15 In all the land no women were as lovely as the daughters of Job. And their father put them into his will along with their brothers. Is this the first time women were ...honored... like this? Is it important in any way?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

January Thirtieth

My husband and I are sneaking around...(that sounds horrible). My family came over last night. I have my mom,sister neice and two nephews here. For me yay super fun. For my husband (insert sarcasm) yay super fun. I love company and we don't get it very much. We are really sneaking around though. We are both early birds and they all sleep in. My oldest nephew is sleeping on the couch next to me so we are trying to be quiet for him. But come he is 15 get up boy and do some work :). My mom took one look at my girls on the blow up mattress and you can guess where she is. We are going to Idylwild today for some play and to the Aquarium of the Pacific tomorow for more play. YAY!! For this homebody I am welcoming the outdoors this weekend.

The Lord challenges Job
This is amazing. I love the detail the Lord goes over on the everyting. I like details. When "God created tearth" I wanted details,how? How did he know what size shape direction etc. This has God mentioning parts of details i.e. Job 38:5 Who determinded its dimensions and stretched out the surveying line?This makkes it even more real to me.

The Lord's challenge continues
Job 39:1-2 Do you know when the wild goats give birth? Haveyou watched as deer are born in the wild? Do you know how many months they carry their young? are you aware of the time f their delivery?
I love Him talking about this. He knows.
Job 39:40 Then the Lord said to Job, Do you still want to argue with the Almighty?You are God's critic, but do you have the answers?
Whoa~ Could you imagine this. All that Job has said over the last weeks and God says oh yeah!!

Job responds to the Lord
I will let Job sum it up....
Job 40:3-5 Then Job replied to the Lord, I am nothing--How could I ever find the anwers? I will cover my mouth with my hand. I have said too much already. I have nothing more to say.
Wise choice Job :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

January Twenty Nine

Boy I fought God this morning. He had me up at 5am sharp and I kept saying one more minute :)
Elihu reminds Job of Gods justice
Is Elihu giving godly advice? Job 35:11 If they listen and obey God , they will be blessed with prosperity throughout their lives. All their years will be pleasant I thought He didn't promise a pleasant life? Job 35:21 Be on guard! Turnback from evil for God sent this suffering to keep you from a life of evil.Is that correct or his oppinion? God let satan do this to Job.

Elihu reminds Job of Gods power
Why do people worry about "global warming" when God is in control?????

Thursday, January 28, 2010

January Twenty Eight

Last night went well, (notice "well, not well! ) Hee Hee couldn't resist. I did great. I prayed and trusted God. I warned the main teacher that they are a hard to handle. I got to go to starbux and get my Hot Apple Cider (aka apple pie in a cup) and caught up with my workbook from my heart book. I loved that and felt like I was ministering to people because I had my bible out on the table to do my work. :). THEN I went to go get the girls. I asked the main teacher how they did she said they were fine all of the kids were a little wild tonight. Saige's teacher was giving her hugs and being sweet to her and saying she hopes to see her again. Then I went to Rileys table. oh my gooses I asked her elderly teacher how she did and she went off they not go to preschool? yes. Oh well she would not stay at the table and she kept getting up to go to her sister and wouldn't sit still during story time etc. and I need to have a discussion with them before next class. All I could do was apologize because I was not in a confident state of mind in the first place. I don't want to bring kids to a class that they miss behave in but I want to bring them to class to learn how to behave in a situation where they need to be in a group situation and have respect for teachers. Well I had harsh discussions (loudly) I know my kids are extremely strong willed and they size up everyone to see just how far they can go. I am trying and praying to be the best mommy I can and this is just hard when someone puts you down like this. Anyhoo~
Elihu responds to Jobs friends
I learned about wisdom. Wisdom comes with age but agee does not always mean wisom

Elihu presents his case against Job
I have ?'s...Off the subject,kind of Job 33:15 He speaks in dreams,in visions of the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they lie in their beds Does He do this still? I always question meanings of dreams and there is way too many books and discussions of them to know what is correct and what is evil. I have VERY VIVID dreams. I started to journal them and slacked but I look forward to them at night. Job 33:22 They are at deaths door. the angels of death wait for them. EEEK Who or what is the angel of death? Is this the "grim reaper"? What happens when we die? Are we brought right to heaven. Are we escorted by angels? What is this light all the near death people talk about?

Elihu accuses Job of Arrogance
Wow I am sure this is great for Job. I am sure it is opening his eyes to to see what he has said and what his words can do.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January Twenty Seven

This morning is a cold one. Busy day today my girls are starting a bible study tonight. I leave them their and leave the campus. WOW ~ I am not sure how I feel about that. Okay that was a lie. I am scared. I have not really leave my kids with anybody.A few friends for maybe a few hours. Overnight my mom and Jared's parents. Which I still get high anxiety. One of my daughters was taken for 7 minutes. Praige God we got her back and they were not after her they were after my car and it was infront of my house in daylight with 3 of us going in and out of the house. It was the most horrible experience in the world. I still know the sound of my husbands voice when the car screeched away. Also another private thing has happened to her as well in my backyard. That said. Bad things do happen and it does not matter how well you protect your kids and how safe you think a place is. God has protected her so the evilness has not effected. So as my M.I.L. says pray about it don't worry about it. So I will take a deep breath and do that. AND........ oh my gooses. What am I going to do BY MYSELF?????? I am going to find a close coffee shop get myself one of those foo foo apple ciders that taste like apple pie and do some of my HEART group reading and studying.OH! And I am going to wear the most comfy sweats I own!!!!!!

Job speaks his anguish
Job 30:20 I cry to you,o God, but you don't answer. I stand before you, but you don't even look.

Jobs final protest of innocense
Job 31:24 Have I put my trust in money or felt secure because of my gold Wow
I thought Job was saying he was sinless with todays read up until Job 31:34 Have I tried to hide my sins like other people do,concealing my guilt in my heart

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January Twenty Six

What an amazing morning. My husband normally would be at work by this time so him being here was a blessing. I went into the living room and he had my coffee poured and waiting for me. He sat and read with me as we enjoyed our coffee. We haven't done that for awhile.

Job's Ninth speech: A response to Bildad

Jobs final speech

Okay, I was a little excited to read this heading I am not going to lie. But I was getting a little tired of reading Job...Job is reminding me of all the the wicked have here on earth is TEMPORARY.

Job speaks of wisdom and understanding.
Even with this being the heading.... I am a little confused. I forgot that I was reading of things BC. Job is going over the earthly wealth of jewels and precious metals and at the end...Job 28:28 And this is what he says to all humanity 'The fear of the Lord is true wisdom, to forsake evil is real true wisdom, to forsake evil is real understanding.' My brain is stuck here, please tell me what I am to get out of this.

Job speaks of his former blessings
God gives and it is not of our own doing. Everything on earth is TEMPORARY. I have been taught not to hold on to it but wow is that hard. Not so much the money and pocessions but of loved ones.

Monday, January 25, 2010

January Twenty Five

I prayed for God to bring out what he is teaching me. As I stated yesterday I am having a hard time staying focused with Job here. Well He delivered as always. Now I am not saying I was overwhelmed and couldn't get enought of it. I did though see it more clearly.

Eliphaz's thrid response to Job
He seems to be thinking that Job is trying to tell God how to run his life and that he has sinned and being punished. Job 22:15 Will you continue on the old paths where evil people have walked?

Job's eighth speech: A response to Eliphaz
He is feeling abandoned but know God is there.
Job 23:10 But he knows where I am going . And when he tests me , I will come out as pure as god.
Job 23:17 Darkness is all around me;thick, impenetrable darkness is everywhere.

Job asks why the wicked are not punished
I have asked this so many times throughout my life. Job 24:1 "Why doesn't the Almighty bring the wicked to judgment: Why must the godly wait for him in vain? okay maybe not that exactly but. It is hard when you are living through a tough time and you look at someone who isn't right with God and you want to know why is he getting his needs met and not me. BUT..... I now know that God sees the whole picture not just right here right now. Everything that we go through is for good. We need it.

Bildad's third response to Job
Bildad goes over how we are unworthy no matter what our works are. Noone is pure in the eyes of God. How I forget this all the time.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

January Twenty Four

Good morning Good morning!
I am sooo happy today. We are going to our old church, Cornerstone, for service this morning. I love Pastor Ron. Jared agreed last night. Usually he is against the drive. I pray that his sermon touches us and that Jared gets closer to accepting the Lords GIFT.
So I am not looking forward to todays study. I said it and I am just being honest. I am just done with the whole whining (even though I am sure I would do the same) and want to move on. Sorry!!

Job's sixth speech: A response to Billdad
In Job 19:13 My relatives stay far away. Is this because they too believe God is against him? They are afraid to be around him?

Zophars second responce to Job
I am a little confused. Is Zophar telling him about the wicked because he thinks Job is wicked?

Jobs seventh speech: A response to Zophar
Job is mentioning some of the questions I have had in the past about wicked people spending their lives wealthy and getting all they don't decerve but they too die and then they do not get the rewards of heaven.

Please pray for me to be able to focus on my study for the next week. I am losing interest and I know there is learning to be had.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

January Twenty Three

Saturday morning. Slept in this morning til 7. Had to take a Xanax last night for my restless legg syndrome (yuk). I was really grumpy too. I feel groggy this morning and the sun is out. I really hope the rain comes again. I think I am the only one.

Ellphaz's second response to Job
In Job 15:12b-13 What has weekened your vision,that you turn against God? I didn't think he was turning against God I thought he was expressing his grief and hurt

Jobs fifth speech: A response to Ellphaz

Job continues to defend his innocence

Billdads second response to Job

Friday, January 22, 2010

January Twenty Two

Ahhh woke up to drip drip drop again. I know this is not going to last so I am just embracing this lil storm that God has given my desert town. Everything is flooded streets, planters but I just love love love this weather.

Jobs fourth speech: A response to Zophar
Wow the opening vs Job 12:1-2 Then Job spoke again: You people really know everthing, don't you? And when you die ,wisdom will die with you!
I am so glad God shows us these "stages" of grief he is going through. The hurt,anger,disapointment now just plain mean to his friends trying to help. I certainly have been there.

Job wants to agrgue his case with God
Before I even start to read I have been their to. "God Why...."
Job 13:16 But this is what will save me-I am not godless. If I were, I could not stand before him. this vs really touched me.

Job asks gow he has sinned
Job is going over how everything on earth has second chances like dead trees will sprout new etc. What do people at this time think happens when they die. Are they aware of heaven. Also what happens when you die back then since Jesus was not born yet?????/

Thursday, January 21, 2010

January Twenty One

The rain is coming down. No exciting thunder and lightning just actual rain. Thank you Lord for letting me be a stay at home mom. Sales was not fun in the rain. Quotas didn't change so being at home in this is amazing!
My girls are gonna want to puddle jump today. Now where did I hide their princess umbrellas....

Bildad's first responsee to Job
Job 8:4 says Your children must have sinned against him, so their punishment was well deserved.
This was a deal with God and satan. why would it say this?????? I know that Bildad is just human and he may just be trying to comfort Job BUT!!!!!
The bible is broken down into scriptures which means someone can just take that verse and go off on it... Does that make sense. We all have vs. written on paper or on plaques on the wall. Couldn't this be taken the wrong way????? It scares me when pastors take scripture and swist it to sound the way they want. So were the people evil or was it satan or maybe both??? Maybe this is why God allowed it????
Here are some questionalble examples:

Job's third speech: a response to Bildad
Wow~~~> Favorite vs of the day Job 9:4 For God is so wise and so mighty Who has ever challenged him successfully? Love it!!
Job 10:33-35 If Only there wefre a mediator between us,someone who could bring us together. The mediator could make god stop beating me, and I woul dnot longer live in terror of his punishment. Then I could speak to thim without fear, but i cannot do that in my own strength. Could this be Jesus ????

Job frames his plea to God
He is opening his heart to God saysing he is
Zophar's first response to Job
I love this!! To me it seems that Zophar is saying Yo Job. You are not so high and mighty and perfect. If this is a punishment, you are a sinner and punishing you far less than you deserve.
Is Zophar telling him to give it to God???
Job 11:13 If only you would prepare your hear and lift up your hands to him in prayer is he saying okay let it out then praise him????

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January Twenty

I was woke up by my 5 year old at 7am. Hubby said I didn't budge when he kissed me good bye for work. I must have needed some sleep. UH OH! I would be telling Riley and Saige they must be having a growth spurt...I don't want a growth spurt ;P
So this is Quiet Time Afternoon edition.

Ellipha's Response Continues
I love this. This is what a friend needs to be. Hold you accountable and lift you up to God. I love what Job 5:27b says Listen to my counsel and apply it to yourself.
I think it is sooo important to seek godly counsel on anything you are unsure of. You pray and if the answer is not right there then seek godly counsel because you are not seeing clearly what God wants for you.

Job's second Speech: A response to Ellipha
I appreciate Jobs honesty. We should be able to tell friends exactly we feel. Instead of "I'm fine and I'll be alright". Get everything off our chest and vent.

Job cries out to God
I think it is awesome, again with Jobs honesty. He is outpooring his heart and pain to God. Not hiding his feelings. I feel God wants us to come to him with EVERYTHING. Our love our praise and our hurt and pain.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January Nineteen

Good morning!
I have lots of questions today so I am diving in.

Jobs life is described as perfect.

Jobs First Test
I was discussing this with my HEART group which is an amazing new part of my Christian mommy group. I really feel like my life is perfect. I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. My friend told me that "it will". Which scared me but it is true. Life will not always be perfect but I shouldn't worry because God will be with me through everything I go through. I feel spiritual warfare going on um.. spiritualy . Where in my head I feel questions and doubts but does it go on physically like in jobs tests????
I was discussing this with my HEART group which is an amazing new part of my Christian mommy group. I really feel like my life is perfect. I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. My friend told me that "it will". Which scared me but it is true. Life will not always be perfect but I shouldn't worry because God will be with me through everything I go through. I am not afraid of Gods trials because he loves me and knows me but:
In Job 1:6 What is the "heavenly court" or "sons of God" who came before the Lord. Does this go on now?????? Does God allow Satan to come to earth and PHYSICALLY cause things like Job 1:19 ....a powerful wind swept in....Does God allow this right now? I know He is more than capable of course but is it foing on?
Another thing that I am naive on is . What are your thoughts on this????

Jobs Second Test
Job 2:2b "Santan answered the Lord, "I have been patrolling the earth, watching everything that's going on." " Hullo-That is sooo scary.I mean I know satan is out there and tempting us and things like that but can he physically affect us????

Job's Three Friends Share his anguish
Now that is friendship. Now that is why God wants us to fellowship to develop godly friends to be with us through trials.

Job's First Speech

Eliphaz's first response to Job
That is why we have friends in the Lord to help us through trials.

I hope I get comments to help me with the questions.

Monday, January 18, 2010

January Eighteen

Love Love Love this weather. It is cold and rainy. I wish it was like this all the time. I lit the candle's and know I am not leaving today.

Jacobs death draw near
Does anyone know where the swearing by placing the hand under someones thigh and when it evolved to the pinky.( I am really really sorry)

Jacob blesses Manasseh and Ephraim
I am the second child and was treated like the second child growing up. (But boy has dad made up for that. We have a great relationship now) so how does that First Born thing work. I would think actions not birth number would be important. Jacob didn't honor it did he?

Jacob blesses his sons
My gooses:
-Reuben slept with his dads wife
-Simeon and Levy were murderers and would hurt animals
-Judah was strong and good
-Zebulun goes by the sea
-Issachar is sturdy as a donkey. A hard laborer
-Dan ...I am not sure I understand the "snake" theory
-Gad the fighter
-Asher the chef
-Naphtali will raise kids
-Joseph gets it all
WOW I was thinking at first this is strange for the deathbed coz why would someone just go over this information. But I assume they did not have trusts and wills back then.

Jacobs death and burial
I love watching tomb documentarys on natgeo channels. I thought that Jews had to be burried within 24 hours?? My grandfathers funeral seemed different than the Christian ones that I have been to. I would love to get more info from my grandma.

Joseph Reassures his brothers
I love how his brothers are still waiting for Joseph to get even with them.

The death of Joseph
Again just questions on burial rituals

Sunday, January 17, 2010

January Seventeenth

I did my quiet time on my back porch this morning. It was so peaceful in the quiet morning..
Okay that is almost a complete lie. This is what was going through my head as I was walking outside to do my quiet time. The truth is, I don't really have a back porch. Under the patio cover is cement and my entire .
back yard is cement. And I am trying to not let my dogs have free rain (reign rane ??) over my house, so they were just let out of the crates and were a little crazy outside trying to get my attention and running around.
It's the thought that counts right? It was nice though not too cold. I will put a goal on my to do list to make a quiet time place when spring gets here.

Paroah invites Jacob to Egypt
That was such a fun read. How exciting --> a reunion , sons,alive and some moving "vans" to bring you to Egypt.

Jacob's journey to Egypt
When I was reading this my mind wandered to how nice it would be if God would tell me out loud like he did with Jacob.

Kathye, you are doing my will that was the right decision
. I mean you can tell when you are going in the right way or going against his but wouldn't that verbal confirmation be nice sometimes.

Jacobs family arrives in goshen
What a reunion. I couldn't imagine the joy.

Jacob blesses Pharoah
How amazing to be welcomed by the Pharoah even being sheperds.

Josephs leadership in the famine
What an amazing manager/govenor of Egypt. To gain all of Egypt then give it back with a "tax". Gaining and giving.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

January Sixteen

EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW (wait how do you spell ew..oooh or oooo or ewww or oooeeeh)
EEEEEEWWWWWWW todays study was AWESOME!!!! It was full of manipulation and conning and planning and scheming and suspense. Just Awesome.

Josephs brothers go to Egypt
I can imagine what is going on in Josephs head when he saw his brothers bowed before him. No I really can't. Would he want to kill them hug them. Both probably he was human. At first I was thinking how did the brothers not recognize him, come on??? Then I thought that in the brothers heads they would not even think that their brother would be in a place like this. Also I am sure he doesn't look the same either. He has been in hard times in prison and some time has gone by. So it would make sense that they would not recognize him. Anyhoo, Joseph's head must have been spinning what should I do what should I do.
One question is why did he put the money back in the bags I thought at first to give them a reason to wonder why and then say hey didn't he look a little like Joseph and wow it is our brother. Then I realized there was a bigger plan. Joseph you are sooo smart. They can be called theives since the payment is still with them.
The brothers return to Egypt
Wouldn't the brother still in prison be angry that the other brothers waited until they were out of grain to go get him? I bet the brothers were soo scared when Jacob told him to go back. Imagine the fear you have felt on a short drive with anticipation. Then put it in a long walking/riding journey. Ugh!
A feast at Josephs Palace
This is awesome. The suspense is killing me. With Joseph having them in his house they must be going nuts. Why are we here why are we feasting with them what is he going to do with us. Then Joseph leaving the room overwhelmed with emotion. He has waited so long to see his brothers again from when they left then he had to be so patient waiting and now his plan is taking place. It had to be hard and fun and painful and joyful at the same time. The brothers had to be so confused thinking what is going on.
Josephs Silver Cup
Again AWESOME. Could you imagine their faces when the palace manager stopped the brothers on the way back "now what". And the look on their faces when the silver cup was in of all the sacks, Benjamins. They have to go back and again no explanation on how the money and cup could have gotten there. LOL.
Judah speaks for his brothers
When Judah is telling the sad story about his father would die with out Benjamin I almost feel sorry for him but thn my evil flesh says "so look what Joseph went through" GOD~ PLEASE GIVE ME FORGIVENESS FOR OTHERS AS JOSEHP HAS~ AMEN

Joseph Reveals his identity
I wish I could have seen their faces. They all had to be dieing. After all this time. First confusion then disbelief then realization. They had to be like what~noway~wow that is you. Maybe even "dude that wasn't cool to put us through all of this, well wait I guess we deserved it, hey man give me a hug...." okay maybe not like that totaly but it is how my mind works.
I also picture Jacob as an old man jumping up and down in happiness with a cane in his hand when he finds out. One big happy family finaly.

Friday, January 15, 2010

January Fifteen

I had the most amazing experience last night. I was in a prayer chat room. My mommy group has been the most wonderful blessing in my life. I joined it last year since I was new in town and wanted to meet other mommies who also were Christian mommies. WOW!! I had no idea what I was in for. These women are amazing. They are all so different yet all have the same love for Christ. I am convinced it is the reason for our hard times in the past years and why we landed in this town. I suggest to everyone. If you are not in some type of Christian Group get in one. I found mine on ,where they have every kind of group in the world, but churches and communities all have them. It really is great to have a fellowship of friends. ANYHOO... Our prayers were for our husbands. To lift them up and guide us to be what God wants us to be.General prayers and individual needs as well. I was nervous of course, would I have to speak..err write...etc. It was very smooth and God leads your heart. Just amazing.
Todays study was on:
Joseph Interpets Two Dreams
What do dreams mean? They were mentioned so many times in the bible. There is even a psychic show on tv about them. Why do some people dream all the time and some not at all?
The death of Isaac
Joseph made Ruler of Egypt

It is amazing how powerful the Pharaoh must be to place people in jail and pull them our and kill or put in complete charge. It is amazing to how God uses Joseph. How everything had to fall in line for him to reach this position. Gives me peace when i go through tough times.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

January Fourteenth

I will tell anyone asking for advice "do not let your children sleep with you". My reason is because I still cannot and do not like sleeping alone. I had trouble staying at slumber parties as a kid etc. because I would call at night and cry until my wonderful loving mom would come in and sleep with me....
That said....
It was a little hard getting out of bed this morning because My 5 year old was in bed with me and she was snuggly and sooo warm. :)
My reading this morning was just like a novel full of deception and sleeping around. It would have totally been rated R.

~Joseph's Dreams
Does anyone know why we dream? I have very vivid dreams everynight. I visit some of the locations more than once and the places are clear to me what they are but they are different than the places are when I am awake.
In the bible they were used as communication from God, right? Does anyone have more info???

~Joseph sold into slavery
As I am reading my imediate question would be: Why didn't Joseph tell them that these men are his brothers and what is going on. Then I thought about how convicts are today. I see them in TV in their orange jumpsuits and in handcuffs yelling "you have it all wrong, I'm inocent". So that is how I am thinking it all went down. Any thoughts or knowledge on that?

~Judah and Tamar
I want to laugh when people are challenging the bible saying it isn't like how it is now. Things were inocent back then. The world is different now. People are SINNERS!!!!!!! Lots of deception going on!! Now the urban term would be "baby daddy"

~Descendants of Judah

Joseph in Potiphars House
Just wrong. How scary for Joseph. What is that song "EEEEVIL WOMAN"

Joseph Put into Prison
I need to appreciate the trials God gives me, eh!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January Thirteen

Getting the worm.....
So I am in bed with 1 kiddlette (which yes I did say I would never let my kids sleep with me ever!!! But wait.... some how she has learned that mommy is too tired to argue in the wee hours of about 3'ish.)
and like clock work when the door shuts behind Jared leaving for work. 2 more dogs in the bed. I am wide awake. Is it God saying get out of bed or me groaning and tossing and turning with no room (Jared I told you we should've gotten a king) any way. I took it at the latter thinking He must have some good stuff in my quiet time...
(pause the blog.... youngest kiddlette just mossied in the living room rubbing her eyes brb...okay note to self put her in her bed not mine....oops must go back and retake parenting 101)
...where was I oh yeah must have an amazing quiet time in store. Well hmmmm here goes my notes:
Descendants of Esau

Original Peoples of Edom

Rulers of Edom

Descendants of Israel

Yes. This is what my study was on today :( I am changing my thoughts. It must of been the crowded bed that got me up this morning. Sorry for nothing to question today or ponder or give an opinion on but I hope you enjoy my lil humor. Have a great day! I am off to to get some more devotions.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January Twelve

Good Morning~
What a wonderful day. It is chilly and Tuesday. No school or rush this morning. WAIT--> I just noticed I have no idea where my girls are. My house is under 1500 sq ft. You would think I could see them at all times in this place.....okay one going potty and the other one getting a summer dress on. "SAIGE!! did you pull that down from your closet"?? "No I just howed it and walked away and it fowowed me". I think 3 is my favorite age right now.

Jacob sends gifts to Esau
Genesis 32:9-12 I love Jacob talking to God, he praises Him,humbles himself then kind of reminds God of what he was promised.

Jacob wrestles with God
Genesis 32:24 Am I correct to think that God came to earth as the person who wrestles with Jacob? And if so in vs 25 it says "the man say that he would not win.." If the man is God then He could have won,correct, He is God. I am assuming that I am going to be told that God lost on purpose. That being said, why did it say The mans saw he was going to lose which appears to be a surprise to him,right?????

Jacob and Esau make peace

Revenge against Shechem
Rape is horrible not matter who it happens to,but wow are we lucky to be here in these times and in this country where there is so many victim avocates and resources to help. I have seen documentary's about other countrys where woman can be killed for being raped in todays times. I couldn't imagine what Dinah went through back then. She was probably not so much the victim but the actual rape was a disgrace to the family.
Genesis 24:14 Okay so don't you think we should have this for punishment today. Circumcising the men. If they are circumcised already they can just be so. (Sorry :) ) Not so much destroying there town and taking everything including the woman and children though.

Jacob returns to Bethel

The Death of Rachel
In Genesis 35:18 It says "The baby's father called him Benjamin" is that just this translation? Wasn't the father Jacob? Why didn't they say "Jacob named him Benjamin" They normally refer to the person by name. This seemed odd to me?

~Have a wonderful day~

Monday, January 11, 2010

January Eleventh

Good Morning~
Woo Hoo. What a great morning. I got my quiet time in, Ovaltine for my girls, Scooby Doo on the DVD which allows me to get this blog out by 7am,yay.
Jacob Increases his wealth
Both Laban and Jacob cheat and lie to each other. Laban by stealing part of the herd he promised to Jacob and Jacob by using the branches to change the color of the animals.(Which I am not sure what that was all about, was it a dye in the branches?)
Jacob flees from Laban
Before I read the rest of today's study I was wondering why Rachel took her fathers idols. Was she a thief or worshipping them.
Laban pursues Jacob
I do not understand how Laban can worship idols when he is being visited by God himself?
Jacob's treaty with Laban
It could not be easy to trust each other. Is this Laban changing his belief from idols to God? By taking an oath before God??
Looking forward to comments.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

January Tenth

I am home from Big Bear. What an amazing trip. Jared,Riley,Saige and I had a great time. I love being away from home long enough to miss it. My dogs missed me tons. They were good. PTL. Betty is easy but has separation anxiety a little. Zoe is very jealous and takes it out on the puppy. Penny being a puppy, and my tried and true idea of if you give them enough Nyla bones and chew toys they won't eat your furniture takes her chew toys outside then comes back in, did n't eat any permanant object in the house. Yay.
My quiet time was just how I would imagine it in my head over the weekend. Cold, fireplace and Peace and quiet with the sun creaping up. So tomorow I will have to find something to give appreciation to at my house.

Essau marries Ishmaels daughter
Is Ishmaels daughter a canaanite?. I don't understand why he went out to marry his daughter. Was it to spite Abraham because of Jacob's brother receiving the blessing?

Jacob's Dream at Bethel
I am beginning to like Jacob. I am not sure why I hold grudges but I have still been upset about him and his mom deceiving Abraham.
Note:In Genesis 28:22 it is already speaking of tithes and not $5 in the offering plate but One Tenth of what we earn. God talks about this sooo much and it is plain and simple. One tenth of what you make. He even says this is the only thing you can test him on to be faithful in. I am so amazed how taboo it is for churches to even mention this. God requires one tenth of our earnings that He provided us in the first place. I get so mad at myself when I still find it hard to just automaticly give it back to him.
Jacob arrives at Paddam-Aram
It mentions how noone can move the stone until all the flocks are there. When Rachel arrived, was that all the flocks? Genesis 29:11 Am I right in assuming it was a friendly kiss not a passionate kiss an that he wept aloud out of happiness to finally arrive at his destination???
Jacob Marries Leah and Rachel
Well what goes around comes arount, eh?? I still do not uderstand ancient customs. The family marrying family? Surely there was enough people to not have to marry your relatives. I remember what Allison said about the .... people...(sorry can't remember the verbage) being cleaner, no worry about birth defects etc. It just seem weird that two living sisters marry a fist cousin.
Jacobs many Children
Oh My Gooses!!! I don't know where to start this is like Melrose Place meets Days of our lives meets Big Love all rolled into one. I thought that in the garden of Eden God created 1 man and 1 woman = 2 become 1 when they marry. I am so confused about when marriage became 1 man and 1 woman. Mixed families started this long ago?
Well I am looking foward to tomorow when I can be on my normal schedule.
Chow all
P.S. if you have a blog please invite me to read it. Thanks

January Ninth

I am sitting here in Sugarloaf CA. It is a little town just east of Big Bear. My husband and I woke up at 4:45. The air is crisp and it is cold. I love this because I do not get this at home. I am searching for the cozy socks my Secret Santa gave me for Christmas. We lit the fireplace turned on the heater. We are waiting anxiously for our coffee. It is still very dark.
Now at 6:31 (yes with my husband next to me (and having to refill the tiny coffee cups over and over) I tend to blurt out my questions to him and then…debate them. ) I just watched dawn. It was the most amazing blue deep but not dark through all the pine trees. Now it is a light blue, more transparent.
I am in Heaven. I love dusk and dawn. My favorite parts of the day. Mostly dawn. It feels like I am the only person around and it is a new beginning and it is peaceful. Add the fireplace and my husband next to me and the kids sleeping upstairs. There is the perfect amount of snow outside. Enough for play and atmosphere but not enough to prove to my husband that I do have 4wd skills.

I was filled with questions on todays study. I am trying not to ask over and over.
Esau sells his birthright
Why would Esau sell his birthright for soup? Couldn’t he just go to another tent and say do you have anything to eat? What is the birthright? How can Jacob just aquire it?
Isaac deceives Abimelech
(insert sarcasm) Really Abimelech. Have you never heard of “Fool me once shame on you fool me twice, three, four plus times shame on me”. The same deceit too. Come on the ole’ she’s my sister trick.
Conflict over water rights
Treaty with Abimelech
When did polygamy become illegal and considered….wrong?
Jacob steals Esau’s Blessing
In Genesis 25:27-34 I am really confused. I thought that Jacob already bought Esaus’s birthright?
Is this different than the blessing that Isaac is giving to Jacob? I at first thought come on how could he not tell the difference between the 2 brothers but it does seem Isaac questions it and expresses his doubts and they overcome them all.
If Isaac has to honor the blessing even with the deception ? Why then in Genesis 27:13 Why when Jacob is worried about being caught , was Rebekah lying when she said “let the curse fall on me”.
Jacob flees to Paddan-Aram
Why in Gen 28;1 Why did Isaac bless Jacob again. Did he just accept that Jacob deceived him and continues with it?
Thanks for Reading. I can’t wait to hear/read your thoughts.

Friday, January 8, 2010

January Eight

Good morning!
I was super tired this morning so this is my story and I am sticking to it.
God used my cat today. Yep my cat that most people do not know I have. Frequent (yeah I know I don't have many "frequent") visitors are not aware of our Kitty Smudge woke me up. I would have slept right through quiet time this morning. I still have a cold or something. The throat feels better but it feels like I have a stuffy nose and cement (okay eggzagerated a little sp?) blocks are pushing on my under eye sockets that normally I do not notice having. ( Oh my hubby is going to correct my english and composition today).
anyway.... my kitty Smudge got on my bed that had Betty and Zoe (he thinks he is above dogs) on it and was pacing over my head and purring and nudging me. Like "get up get up". Well after fighing it I did. Yay. I made it to my quiet time, and after Rileys lil bday party last night the girls slept in and let me finish it.
So there was my morning that I though was pretty miraculous (sp?). My study today was on Abrahams Descendants. Soooo I just tried really hard not to scan over them so I had to go back and say each name so I didn't miss any. No comments on it but I hope you enjoyed my run on sentences of God using my kitty and also my misspellings.
Have a great weekend. I may not be able to blog over the weekend but I will do my quiet times and post them on Sunday night when we get back from Rileys surprise big bear weekend.
God Bless!

January Seventh

Hello there~
Today's Read was nice. Not really questions as much as comments.
Hagar and zishmael Sent away
Really~I can see this in me so much, the evil human I am. Hey Hagar, I can't have kids go sleep with my husband coz I can't have kids.....flash forward. Now that I have my own kid. Send that Hagar and HER son away!! Okay not literally but isn't such a human nature to use people. I try not too but when I ponder things in my life I do think sefishly.
A Treaty with Abimelech
I like how in Genesis 21:23 Abimelech says "Swear to me in God's name that you will never deceicve me,my children or any of my descendants..."
I wouldn't trust him!!
Abraham's Obedience Tested
I can go on and on THANK YOU JESUS FOR MY SALVATION!!!!!!! I do not think I would have had Abraham's Obedience to put up either of my girls for a burnt sacrafice. I do not know if i were to forgive my dad for putting me up on that alter.
The Burial of Sarah
I am really am naive. I did not know how little I know of the bible. I thought all the descendants of Abraham were Sarah's as well (except Hagar).
Thank you God for this study please keep me focused and loyal
Isaac Marries Rebekah
I love this story and can read it over and over again. I am sure I romance it. But still I love it.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January Sixth

What a great morning. Woke up at 5 felt pretty good not 100% yet but better. Coffee was still hot and my bible and recliner was waiting for my quiet time. What a .....interesting read today. ~Sodom and Gomorah ~Lots daughters and Abraham and Sarah. I do not understand Gods ways. I know though, that is for the best. Here are the "huh" 's I had for this morning:

Genesis 19:8 When the angels/visitors came into the city and into Lots house, the towns people wanted Lot to let them out of the house to have sex with them. He then offered his 2 virgin daughters instead. Why? Did he know they were angels? Did women have no worth?

Genesis 19:30-38 When Lots daughters got him drunk and slept with him??????
This to me is just horrible. Isn't this the kind of thing that God was angry for and destroyed Sodom and Gomorah for? Then it states the sons got nations. I would think they would have been punished????

Genesis 20:1-18 Abraham and Abimelech......Didn't I just read this story but with a pharoah??? And Sarah and Abraham are brother and sister just different moms. It takes me back to the women not having worth?

Thanks for reading this. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
I so am enjoying this.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January Fifth

I loved todays quiet time. It was great. I loved the study. I learned about Abram's name changing to Abraham, Sarai changing to Sarah,circumcision, Ishmael, and Isaac, and Gods cvenant w/ Abram. It was awesome because I am starting to feel is reading a novel. Does that make sense? It is an enjoyable read vs. a study? I hope that you understand.
God is defanetly reaching me and I am sooo happy.(I was even able to stay focused with an almost five year old girlie down the hall yelling "is your quiet time over yet???") I can't wait to see what he does this year.

~God see's things so differently than me. Things that make me angry or see someone as bad or wrong or immoral he rewards. Why does Abram get rewarded when he didn't trust the Lord in Sarai getting pregnant. I am assuming that is why Ishmael was turned into a wild man.
~Thank God I am a woman. I have one sister. I have two little girls so I am not familiar except for the stories of circumcision. Now Genesis 17:12 states that from generation to generation,every male child must be circumcised on the eighth day after his birth. Now I know that circumcism is pretty dominant in the states but is it done still on the 8th day??? I thought it was done right there in the hospital before mommy and baby come home? Or is it more for hygiene and tradition now????

I am soooo excited for my quiet time tomorow it has Sodom and Gomorrah being destroyed and more!!
Have a great day!

Monday, January 4, 2010

January fourth

It is late and I am tired. I was faithful with the study this morning but am late for this sorry!! I have been under the weather today fighting pink eye (virus not bacterial-yay) and a sore throat.. Enought wining.
Todays study was fun I enjoy The Tower of Babel. and learned of Abram. I really should know about him but don't. My girls are listening to a few stories on dvd of him right now.
My questions today are:
~In Genesis 11:1 it states that "at one time all the people of the world spoke the same language and used teh same words" That is what I loved about the story of course. Here is where my question is yesterday's study in Genesis 6:20 it says "these were the descendants of Ham,identified by clan,language, territory, and national identity. Does this contradict each other or was the descendants of Ham after the tower of Babel????
~Genesis 12:17 Now this is really human of me but... Why did God punish the Pharoah instead of Abram or Sarai??? They were the ones deceiving
the pharoah?
I am hoping to feel better in the morning!!
Good night

Sunday, January 3, 2010

January third

So I have a really jealous dog named Zoe. She is really Riley's dog but she thinks she is mine. She has been staying in Riley's bed for the past 2 mornings but this morning she decided to be with Penny and me on the recliner. A little crowded but okay.
Todays read was mostly on Noah. The ark, the flood, the rainbow and his decendants. I love rereading the legendary story of Noah's Ark. It is soooo commercialized so reading from the bible is great, detailed. Here are my questions on todays reading:

~My first I have answered by myself based on my hypothesis (did anyone picture Dinosaur Train just now??? sorry) is how he would get ALL the animals on the ark. I am guessing that there were not as many animals as there is now. Animals have changed and created more animal types since 4000+ years. Also Noah lived for over 600 years. I look at the things that I have seen and done in just 37 years.

~In Genesis 9:24 Why was Canaan cursed by Noah. Why wouldn't Noah be upset with himself for getting drunk instead of being angry with another???

Things I wonder.....

~Genesis 9:3 Doesn't this make it okay to eat meat. Vegetarians need to go have a good steak.Yum!!!
~Genesis 9:4 What does it mean "lifeblood". You can't eat meat with lifeblood still in it.
~Genesis 9:6 Does this make the death penalty okay?

Please let me know your knowledge or questions!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

January second

Good morning~
I almost didn't make my quiet time. I woke up at 4:30 and thought I would turn on the coffee so I don't have to wait for it at 5. I climbed back into our cozy bed and was out. I woke up in that panic "inhale loud" at 5:30.
I enjoyed my reading on my recliner with my ever growing Doberman puppy Penelope. I read about Adam and Eve's children and Noah (not up to the flood but up to the arc).
I feel closer to God already so it is amazing how prayer and study and plain ole nature brings you closer. My Jared,Riley,Saige and I went hiking in Idyllwild yesterday and nature always makes me feel a connection to God. It is soooo beautiful.
My ponders today would be:

~I never hear about how the 2nd generation of children were created. I would assume that it was by incest. Adam and Eve's children having relations with each other.Has anyone did research on this?
~Genesis 4:19 says Lamech had 2 wives, Adah and Zillah, when did polygamy become bad?
~I enjoyed learning of God changing the normal life to no more than 120 years in Genesis 6:3. I always questioned that. So woohoo I love learning!!!
~I am going to do some googling on Nephilites from Genesis 6:4. I found them interesting.

Thanks for visiting. Please give me insight, leave a comment.

Friday, January 1, 2010

January First

So I started my One Year Bible today. I have been looking forward to it since Christmas. My husband got it for me as a present.( After a photo and directions to the bible bookstore.) I am going to use it for my quiet time each morning at 5am.
Today I studied creation and Adam and Eve. I have told this story to my Lil girls over and over so I went in thinking it would be an easy read and not much to learn. I was wrong. I have read it so many times from a children's bible, I didn't realize that there is more detail to it.
Today's challenges are:
~I was raised a Christian so I am struggling with did I just submit to it because it is all I know?
~With God all knowing, when he knew we were going to sin why did he give us a chance in the garden?
~With God all powerful, why did He have to rest on the 7th day?

The devil is fighting with my faith. This blog is to bring me closer to God. I am not writing my concerns and questions to be blasphemous. I am hoping others can comment on some of my questions so I can have a better understanding.
I have had several experiences and miracles in my life that God has been there so I do not doubt my faith. I am just having spiritual warfare and need some help.
Thanks for reading and I appreciate all comments positive and negative.
I am here to learn, write......right.