Sunday, January 24, 2010

January Twenty Four

Good morning Good morning!
I am sooo happy today. We are going to our old church, Cornerstone, for service this morning. I love Pastor Ron. Jared agreed last night. Usually he is against the drive. I pray that his sermon touches us and that Jared gets closer to accepting the Lords GIFT.
So I am not looking forward to todays study. I said it and I am just being honest. I am just done with the whole whining (even though I am sure I would do the same) and want to move on. Sorry!!

Job's sixth speech: A response to Billdad
In Job 19:13 My relatives stay far away. Is this because they too believe God is against him? They are afraid to be around him?

Zophars second responce to Job
I am a little confused. Is Zophar telling him about the wicked because he thinks Job is wicked?

Jobs seventh speech: A response to Zophar
Job is mentioning some of the questions I have had in the past about wicked people spending their lives wealthy and getting all they don't decerve but they too die and then they do not get the rewards of heaven.

Please pray for me to be able to focus on my study for the next week. I am losing interest and I know there is learning to be had.


Mills Memories said...

Hang in there friend! Trust me, there aren't many of us that jump up and down while reading Numbers and Leviticus, but God has everything in his Book for a reason! Pray before reading and ask Him to show you something, no matter how small, for that day. keep a journal of the verses that stand out to you and you will begin to see that God is speaking to you right where you are!

Praying for you! And I am hooked on your blog now, so you just can't stop! haha