Saturday, January 2, 2010

January second

Good morning~
I almost didn't make my quiet time. I woke up at 4:30 and thought I would turn on the coffee so I don't have to wait for it at 5. I climbed back into our cozy bed and was out. I woke up in that panic "inhale loud" at 5:30.
I enjoyed my reading on my recliner with my ever growing Doberman puppy Penelope. I read about Adam and Eve's children and Noah (not up to the flood but up to the arc).
I feel closer to God already so it is amazing how prayer and study and plain ole nature brings you closer. My Jared,Riley,Saige and I went hiking in Idyllwild yesterday and nature always makes me feel a connection to God. It is soooo beautiful.
My ponders today would be:

~I never hear about how the 2nd generation of children were created. I would assume that it was by incest. Adam and Eve's children having relations with each other.Has anyone did research on this?
~Genesis 4:19 says Lamech had 2 wives, Adah and Zillah, when did polygamy become bad?
~I enjoyed learning of God changing the normal life to no more than 120 years in Genesis 6:3. I always questioned that. So woohoo I love learning!!!
~I am going to do some googling on Nephilites from Genesis 6:4. I found them interesting.

Thanks for visiting. Please give me insight, leave a comment.


Mills Memories said...

If you look at Chuck Smith's commentary on Genesis 4, he provides a really good explanation about where Adam & Eve's children would have gotten their wives. Go to Blue Letter Bible and search for Genesis 4. Then next to the verses you will see letters. Select the L (List of commentaries) and then scroll down to the text commentary by Chuck Smith - C2000.

Hope that helps!

Moto Mom (Shanon) said...

Hey Kathye! I really enjoyed reading your blog and being inspired by your love for the Lord!

Mommy Melback said...

You are such a blessing to me! I am sooo glad I met you.
Blue Letter Bible is amazing. I am not sure how I have never found this with the millions of google and swaybucks searches.....
I will be replacing my biblegateway with this site. It really is amazing. I will be using it to look up the questions I put up.

Shanon~ Thanks for checking it out. I will go over and check out Moto Mom. I am so new to blogging but I love love it.