Thursday, January 28, 2010

January Twenty Eight

Last night went well, (notice "well, not well! ) Hee Hee couldn't resist. I did great. I prayed and trusted God. I warned the main teacher that they are a hard to handle. I got to go to starbux and get my Hot Apple Cider (aka apple pie in a cup) and caught up with my workbook from my heart book. I loved that and felt like I was ministering to people because I had my bible out on the table to do my work. :). THEN I went to go get the girls. I asked the main teacher how they did she said they were fine all of the kids were a little wild tonight. Saige's teacher was giving her hugs and being sweet to her and saying she hopes to see her again. Then I went to Rileys table. oh my gooses I asked her elderly teacher how she did and she went off they not go to preschool? yes. Oh well she would not stay at the table and she kept getting up to go to her sister and wouldn't sit still during story time etc. and I need to have a discussion with them before next class. All I could do was apologize because I was not in a confident state of mind in the first place. I don't want to bring kids to a class that they miss behave in but I want to bring them to class to learn how to behave in a situation where they need to be in a group situation and have respect for teachers. Well I had harsh discussions (loudly) I know my kids are extremely strong willed and they size up everyone to see just how far they can go. I am trying and praying to be the best mommy I can and this is just hard when someone puts you down like this. Anyhoo~
Elihu responds to Jobs friends
I learned about wisdom. Wisdom comes with age but agee does not always mean wisom

Elihu presents his case against Job
I have ?'s...Off the subject,kind of Job 33:15 He speaks in dreams,in visions of the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they lie in their beds Does He do this still? I always question meanings of dreams and there is way too many books and discussions of them to know what is correct and what is evil. I have VERY VIVID dreams. I started to journal them and slacked but I look forward to them at night. Job 33:22 They are at deaths door. the angels of death wait for them. EEEK Who or what is the angel of death? Is this the "grim reaper"? What happens when we die? Are we brought right to heaven. Are we escorted by angels? What is this light all the near death people talk about?

Elihu accuses Job of Arrogance
Wow I am sure this is great for Job. I am sure it is opening his eyes to to see what he has said and what his words can do.


Mills Memories said...

I believe God can speak to us in dreams, but that might not necessarily be how He talks to us all the time. Dreams are just the minds way of storing all of the days information. Dreams could be read into a little too much. God mainly speaks to us in today's world through His word!

Angels of death - angels of death commissioned by God to end man's life ( 2Sa 24:16 Psa 78:49 ) Since we are living after Jesus's death and resurrection when we die we will immediately be taken to heaven. When he was on the cross he told the robber that repented "today you will be with me in paradise (aka heaven). For obvious reasons, no one knows exactly how this happens since you only die once.

Mills Memories said...

Found this as I was reading this morning and it made me think of your question about the Angel of death. Exodus 12:23 talks about the Passover and God sending the "destroyer" aka the angel of death to kill the firstborn son of anyone without the blood of a lamb on their doorposts. Just another tidbit for you :)