Friday, January 8, 2010

January Eight

Good morning!
I was super tired this morning so this is my story and I am sticking to it.
God used my cat today. Yep my cat that most people do not know I have. Frequent (yeah I know I don't have many "frequent") visitors are not aware of our Kitty Smudge woke me up. I would have slept right through quiet time this morning. I still have a cold or something. The throat feels better but it feels like I have a stuffy nose and cement (okay eggzagerated a little sp?) blocks are pushing on my under eye sockets that normally I do not notice having. ( Oh my hubby is going to correct my english and composition today).
anyway.... my kitty Smudge got on my bed that had Betty and Zoe (he thinks he is above dogs) on it and was pacing over my head and purring and nudging me. Like "get up get up". Well after fighing it I did. Yay. I made it to my quiet time, and after Rileys lil bday party last night the girls slept in and let me finish it.
So there was my morning that I though was pretty miraculous (sp?). My study today was on Abrahams Descendants. Soooo I just tried really hard not to scan over them so I had to go back and say each name so I didn't miss any. No comments on it but I hope you enjoyed my run on sentences of God using my kitty and also my misspellings.
Have a great weekend. I may not be able to blog over the weekend but I will do my quiet times and post them on Sunday night when we get back from Rileys surprise big bear weekend.
God Bless!