Saturday, February 13, 2010

February Thirteen

I struggled with this reading. I want to read the bible not scan it and Exodus repeats alot of the information.

Building the ark/Exodus 37:1-9

Building the table/Exodus 37:10-16

Building the lampstand/Exodus 37:17-24

Building the incense altar/Exodus 37:25-29

Building the Altar of Burnt Offering/Exodus 38:8

Building the courtyard/Exodus 38:9-20

Inventory of Materials/Exodus 38:21-31

Clothing for the priests/Exodus 39:1

Making the Ephod/Exodus 39:2-7
What is an ephod??

Making the chestpiece/Exodus 39:8-21

Additional clothing for the priests/Exodus 39:22-31
Has anyone seen this or is there a drawing of the badge? Do all people back then wear turbans?? 30 Finally, they made the sacred medallion—the badge of holiness—of pure gold. They engraved it like a seal with these words: Holy to the Lord. 31 They attached the medallion with a blue cord to Aaron’s turban, just as the Lord had commanded Moses.


Mills Memories said...

Opps, put the answer to Ephod on the 12th I think :)