Thursday, February 4, 2010

February Fourth

Good morning!
I am hopeing someone has answers to my dream questios. Last night I had a dream of a strange storm which we do not get cool storms here just sun and rrlittle rain. The dream it was twisters that didn't land just there and now I can't remember what was first a cloud that was shootting lightening bolts. Yesterdays dream was of a earthquake like in Haiti. I was going through it. We all knew it was coming though and got to prepare but even preparing did so much devastation. I am not scared in the dreams though.
I am looking forward to todays study!

A plague of locusts
Exodus 10:2 I've also done it so you can tell you children and grandchildren about how I made amockery of the Egyptians and about the signs I displayed among them-and so you will know that I am the Lord" Are we to spread this now? When the bible talks about carrying things to generations, like curses etc. Does that still hold true? I could not imagine how the Egyptians could support Pharaoh. I don't know how the government was ran, but. I would imagine the people were begging him to give Moses what he asks.

A plague of darkness
I am wondering if the darkness was being blind? Does anyone know? Exodus 10:23b ...But there was light as usual where the people of Israel lived. Coulg the Egyptians see this in the distance. Would they go there instead of staying???

Death for Egypt's firstborn
I am a little confused. In Exodus 11:1 Then the LORD said to Moses, "I will send just one more disaster on Pharaoh and the land of Egypt. After that, Pharaoh will let you go. In fact, he will be so anxious to get rid of you that he will practically force you to leave the country. .Tell all the Israelite men and women to ask their Egyptian neighbors for articles of silver and gold." (Now the LORD had caused the Egyptians to look favorably on the people of Israel, and Moses was considered a very great man in the land of Egypt. He was respected by Pharaoh's officials and the Egyptian people alike.) So Moses announced to Pharaoh, "This is what the LORD says: About midnight I will pass through Egypt. All the firstborn sons will die in every family in Egypt, from the oldest son of Pharaoh, who sits on the throne, to the oldest son of his lowliest slave. Even the firstborn of the animals will die. Then a loud wail will be heard throughout the land of Egypt; there has never been such wailing before, and there never will be again. But among the Israelites it will be so peaceful that not even a dog will bark. Then you will know that the LORD makes a distinction between the Egyptians and the Israelites. All the officials of Egypt will come running to me, bowing low. `Please leave!' they will beg. `Hurry! And take all your followers with you.' Only then will I go!" Then, burning with anger, Moses left Pharaoh's presence. Now the LORD had told Moses, "Pharaoh will not listen to you. But this will give me the opportunity to do even more mighty miracles in the land of Egypt." Although Moses and Aaron did these miracles in Pharaoh's presence, the LORD hardened his heart so he wouldn't let the Israelites leave the country. Why is the Lord telling Moses that this time he will get to leave but then He hardens Pharaoh's heart again?

The First Passover
Okay I have a question? Did the people eat the offerings after giving them to the Lord. I really do not know much about sacrifices. Except that THANK YOU JESUS FOR DYEING FOR MY SINS coz I could not see the world doing this still. What is the signifacance (sp?) of bread without yeast?
Well, I think my question for Exodus 11: 1-11 is answered now. He hadn't killed the first born Egyptians yet,right??? In Exodus 12:14 This is a day to remember. Each year, from generation to generation, you must clelbrate it as a special festival to the Lord.This is for all time. Why is this not a HUGE holiday still? I know it is mentioned but not like any of our other ones?? back to Exodus 12: 2 From now on, this month will be the first month of the year for you. Why is this not so???
Isn't passover in April??? One of the descriptions of passover is not working except for preparing food for 7 days (WOOHOO come on now! Who's with me for bringing this back!! sorry) and not eating bread with yeast or having yeast in your homes (again what is the significance). Why are we not following this today? In Exodus 12:17...celebrate this day from generation to generation. and Exodus 12:24 "Remember, these instructions are a permanent law that you and your descendants must observe forever. forever would still be now right??? HELP!!! Maybe only Istaelites??? How do we know if we are a generation of Israelites???? I have Lithuanian Jewish blood... but Lithuaia isn't around anymore....

Israel's Exodus from Egypt
Okay all laugh... I get it now exodus/....exit....duh!!
Again in Exodus 1242b ...,and it must be commemorated every year by all the Israelites, from generation to generation. Am I the only one who just acknowledges "oh its passover today" or is it 7 days ??

Instructions for the Passover
Who is doing this still??


Mills Memories said...

Just writing a few quick answers!

Passover is still a LARGELY celebrated Jewish holiday. It isn't always in April since the Jews follow a lunar calendar. It is kinda like Easter, not always the exact same month and day each year.

We no longer have to celebrate Passover as it was a holiday that foretold of Christ's coming. He is our Passover lamb. Several Jewish holidays told of the coming Messiah and several others point to his second coming. Fascinating stuff!

The bread had no yeast because they had to leave so quickly it didn't have time to rise. In the Bible, quite often, the leaven or yeast, symbolizes sin. During Passover, all leaven was to be removed from the house similar to ridding our lives of sin.

Mommy Melback said...

Allison thank you soo much. I know how bizzy you are and it melts my heart that you take time to help me!!