Sunday, February 7, 2010

February Seven

February Six was the first time blogging with Windows 7. I love the way I can have my blog to the left and then to my right (on the desktop). Then I have my bible down in front of me. I makes it sooo easy to copy the scripture from biblegateway to the blog. WooHoo
This is what my hubby got for our 6th year wedding anniversery today. We are so thankful to God for his blessings these past 6 years and can't wait to see what is on the way!

The Ten commandments
Are we to still obey the commandments as they were to back then?? I know of course the moral ones,but what is it from then to after Jesus died for us?

Proper Use of altars
In Exodus 20:5-26 25 If you use stones to build my altar, use only natural, uncut stones. Do not shape the stones with a tool, for that would make the altar unfit for holy use. 26 And do not approach my altar by going up steps. If you do, someone might look up under your clothing and see your nakedness.I do not quite understand. Are church altars suppose to be made of natural material? Are they not to be above ground??????

Fair Treatment of Slaves
Alot of questions here. When did all of this change? Why are they still talking about multiple wives??

Cases of personal injury
When did all of these rules change?????

Protection of property
Some I agree and some I do not. Do we follow theses laws???


Mills Memories said...

We are still called to obey the 10 commandments as they are moral laws and most of our laws are based on them. We are no longer required to fulfill Moses's law however since Jesus fulfilled the law.

Alters in church are not the same as alters in the old testament.

Still not supposed to take multiples wives. God NEVER changed this, man is evil and we live in a sinful world.